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I just totally spaced!
bloody rose

Hey guys!!! Sorry I havent been on lately, Ive been hanging out with a friend alot. I really missed you guys though. I think the last time I posted was last tuesday? Holy shit! Thats a long time! So, as you read in my last post I met a girl who is amazing. I'll tell you more later when I know exactly where this is going.

I also have to take the Graduation Test this wednesday and Im hella nervous. But hopefully it goes good. I really hope so since I got accepted into a school or my dreams, but who knows. Murphy doesnt seem to like me very much. We didnt do the Cherry Blossom parade today and Im really upset about it. This is my senior year and I will never be able to march in the parade again. I was going to go to it today with a few friends but I knew if I went I could cry knowing Id never be in it again. I know, Im such a band geek its not even funny, but Ive been marching in that parade for three years so its kind of a big deal to me. I feel like my band director is ruining my senior year. First we didnt go to marching competetion and now we didnt march in the biggest parade my town has? What will we not do next? We almost didnt march in my towns Christmas parade but someone told him we should so Im surpised no one told him we should march in this one. My band director said we werent doing it because he wanted to give us a break but he never wants to give us a break. He always wants to push us till we collapse. At band camp we didnt have very many water breaks and there were kids falling out everywhere! I dont think Ive ever seen that many kids get sick in one band camp than the one this year.

I spent the night with two friends last night and she lives near a college. There was frat party going on so when we got back from star gazing we went to people watch. Drunk college frats are quite funny. We drove by the frat house today and their are maybe three busted out windows. We went star gazing friday night too and I saw a cloud that looked like Lady and the Tramp at dinner with the plate of spaghetti. It was so cute! I saw one that looked like a dinasour too hehe. Star gazing is really fun, if you've never done it grab a blanket a few friends and go to the nearest park and lay there and star at the stars.

Hmmm, what else went on. Nothing really. Oh! My Industrial has something that looks like a blisted under the top part of it and Im scared its infected so one of my friends is taking me back to Beyond Taboo tomorrow to get them to look at it. I know they are doctors but they do pericings all the time Im sure they know how to tell if its infected or not. My ears not puffy and red so I dont think its infected but I just want to make sure. If its not infected I may ask them how much it would cost for them to change it out. Because it being completely silver is annoying. I have to have some color.

I finally got a new phone. The speaker in the front of my phone doesnt work and I have to talk on speaker phone and I really dont like that. Plus, Ive had it for two years and they said its about time for an upgrade because phones are only ment to last about two years. Hopefully I get it switched tomorrow.

So, how have you guys been doing? Have a rainbowtastic week everyone!!! :D



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