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We made.....
bloody rose

So before I tell you what we made at Festival today I will explain how it works and the ratings for those that dont know. The first thing you do is go warm up after you do that you will go on stage and play the peices you have prepared. We had three peices. After that you go to sightreading which is where they put a peice of music infront of you that you've never seen before. You have six minutes to look over it and youre director can teach it to you however he would like, you cant not play though. If a sound comes out of your instrument they dock you an entire rating level and you must start no matter how far into the six minutes you were. The sightreading peices usually arent hard. They try and keep it pretty simple. You dont have to play it perfectly you just have to do your best on it.

For the ratings there is:
1 meaning superior
2 meaning excellent
3 meaning fair
4 meaning poor
and there's a 5 which is kind of like "why the hell did you even show up?"

Everyone aims to get all 1's because its the best you can get. The judges are usually other band directors from colleges and such. They judge you on tone, appearance, tuning, right notes, ect. Sometimes the judges can be really picky. And you never want to perform first thing is the morning because the judges are all grouchy, before lunch because they're ready to eat, and last because the judges are tired and ready to go. Sometimes performing then can be good, but usually its not.

I was really nervous we would get a bad rating in sightreading because my flute sounded horrid! I thought I was out of tune so I went to fix it and it still sounded bad. Did I stop playing though? No. I just played quitely haha. The sightreading wasnt very hard thank God. I usually suck at sightreading. Most people do, which is why the grade you on how close to right you got it. Even though my flute sounded horrible and we were a bit off in my opinion on some of the peices we still made...

ALL 1'S!!!!!

Yes, we got the best you could get! We were so happy. It took us awhile to get it though because our band director was being really slow giving us the scores for intesity I guess. So when he said the last one we had a delayed reaction but Im sure you heard us screaming in China. Overall, today was good though.

I beging my driving lessons tomorrow. Hopefully I dont kill anyone. Yes, Im eightteen and just now deciding to learn how to drive. When all your friends drive and want to carpool all the time, there really is no point in learning to drive.

Hope everyones saturday was rainbowtastic!


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Okay, okay, first off, what instrument do you play? Secondly, all 1's are fucking awesome. I miss festival days. The only part that sucked though was that I had to wear a dress. Anyway, so cool and congratulations.

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I play the flute :3 We basicly got to wear whatever as long as it wasnt slutty or had color. I wore black skinnies haha. And did you play an instrument? And thank you :)

Okay, you are definitely my younger twin. I played flute as well XD. But I switched to Tenor Saxophone my freshman year and put my flute up. My senior year I played a flute duet with my best friend. It was so cool

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Seriously?! Thats epic! I did want to play trumpet but my band director wouldnt switch me. Tenor sax seems hard to play.

If I remember only two different fingerings than the flute, other wise the same and easier to play because of the mouth position than the flute.

yea it was like e and f or e and d something like that

I may have to ask out tenor player haha

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